Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Applying the Scale of Consciousness to Your Daily Life

 "The attainment of wisdom is apparently slow and painful..." - David R. Hawkins
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In talking through the levels of consciousness, we have seen how there is a marked difference between Power and force, and we have also talked specifically about the consciousness levels of force as well as the levels of Power

Scale of Consciousness

Next I would like to discuss the practical application of the Scale of Consciousness in our everyday lives.

Author and Psychiatrist David Hawkins states that we all operate at different levels of consciousness depending on our situation, age, stage of life, etc. However, we all tend to operate primarily out of one specific level, and most people do not advance much in their entire lifetime.

Just glancing at the Scale of Consciousness above, you probably have a good intuitive sense of where you are on the chart. Do you tend to see the world as sad, lonely, and hopeless? If so, you probably operate mostly out of apathy or grief. Do you find yourself mostly frustrated all the time about life? If so, you probably operate mostly out of anger. Are you pretty even-keeled about life, just kind of taking things as they are? You most likely operate out of acceptance.

The beauty of the Scale of Consciousness is that you can quickly visualize where you are at any given moment. Every thought you have, every word you speak, every action you take, every emotion you experience falls somewhere on this scale. What the scale does is allow you to quickly become aware of your level. Of course, awareness is only the first step to improvement.

Once you are aware of your level of consciousness, you can easily ascertain what a step up is. For example, let's say that you recognize fear as being a primary driver in your life. If you can learn to utilize some of that fear to create a strong desire to make things better, you will actually move up the scale.

Dr. Hawkins says that there is nothing magical about any of the levels and that we all have access to all of them all the time. We have the ability to jump to any level at any point in time. It truly is within us, we just have to make the choice! 

To be sure, making the choice can be difficult. You probably know how it feels to get mad about something and then just want to stay mad for a little while about it. Sometimes we really don't want to advance in our level of consciousness. But, the choice to advance is always present. Our only barrier is our own ego.

So, where are you right now on the Scale of Consciousness?

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