Friday, July 7, 2023

The Scale of Consciousness

 "The important element in facilitating an upward movement in consciousness is an attitude of willingness...." - David R. Hawkins
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One of the greatest contributions that David Hawkins made to mankind was his very insightful and useful map of consciousness. Here I have created my own version of the map that I call the Scale of Consciousness:

Scale of Consciousness

The beauty of this scale is that it gives us a quick visualization of the entire range of consciousness of mankind. Each level represents a possible state of awareness or emotion that we might find ourselves in at any given time. While the chart reflects distinct levels, the reality is that consciousness is more of a spectrum where there are no hard and fast lines between the various levels.

 Each of us operates primarily out of one level, but we may exhibit aspects of all the levels at various times in our lives. According to the research of David Hawkins, most people tend to stay at one level for their entire life, although it is possible to move up or down significantly. 

I will spend a little time in my next two posts delving into the meaning of the various levels, at least from a birds-eye view. If you really want more detail, I suggest reading Power Vs. Force by David Hawkins where he describes each level in great detail.

The main thing I want to point out about the Scale of Consciousness is that you can quickly see the levels that emanate force and those that emanate Power. Anything below level 200 (which is based on a logarithmic scale developed by Dr. Hawkins) is considered force, and anything above 200 is considered Power. The 200 level is a sort of dividing line between that which is integrous and that which is not. 

And, it is not just us who calibrate somewhere on this scale. Everything does. Every thought, every idea, every word, every deed, even every object calibrates somewhere on the Scale of Consciousness! 

The practical application of this is that you can quickly gauge any thought or idea or emotion you are having. Are you feeling anxious about something? By looking at the scale, you can tell that you are in the realm of force, which means energy is being sucked from you. On the other hand, if you are feeling compassion for someone, you know that you are reflecting true Power. As Dr. Hawkins puts it, "Power gives life and energy. Force takes these away."

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